Anastasiya Bolton

Crisis Communications

Complex Story Telling

Anastasiya Bolton has spent 22 years telling complex, often emotional stories on television  and every other medium, working all over the U.S. and internationally. Her work has been recognized nationally and regionally, including with several Emmy awards. 

She has covered mass casualty events, school violence and resulting safety conversations, and natural and man-made disasters. 

Bolton has told stories from the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and reported on hurricanes, including Katrina. She has covered high profile disappearance cases, like those of Natalee Holloway and Jessica Ridgeway. She has  told stories of heroes and survivors of massive wildfires, including the Marshall Fire in Colorado. Bolton has shared the voices of communities impacted by mass shootings, including the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater; the Sutherland Springs, Texas, church tragedy; and the Santa Fe, Texas, school shooting. She has done in-depth stories on school safety post-Columbine, and most recently, provided a comprehensive account of the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border.

Bolton is now using her two decades of varied communications experiences to help leaders, organizations, and institutions, including schools and school districts, connect with their intended audiences in the most effective, meaningful, transparent, and authentic way. 

She helps with building communications strategies, immediate triage, and response to an ongoing event, as well as reputation management and helping clients understand the media overall.

Having worked with local, state, and federal communications officials, Bolton has  seen a lot of communications strategies successes and failures. She is putting all this knowledge to the service of other people, people who value communication, transparency, preparedness, and positive community relationships. 

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