Council for School Safety Leadership Consultants

Response Team

Meet Your Crisis Response and Threat Management Team

Nobody can do this alone, and we wouldn’t want to.

We offer a network of the very best crisis response leaders who provide the highest quality support to your leaders during the response and recovery process. Navigating the perilous path following a critical incident can have a lasting impact on organizations, students, and employees, and the decisions made in the weeks following tragedy often define your next five years.  We help leaders lead with intentionality by providing proven guidance when it is most needed.   Not every crisis is a school shooting, but every crisis deserves the very best response, and the subject matter experts we work with are recognized nationally as the very best.     

Our support ranges from “It’s happening now–what do we do?” to “What should we be doing over the next five weeks that will determine our long-term recovery?”  We provide crisis response support services for leaders focused on priority decision making from the “it is happening now” to “recovery” and everything in between.  We will also work with you on the important topics of crisis communications and post incident analysis to answer the “why” and “how” this happened.    

If you need a phone call or video consultation during the incident, we are here for you.  If you need on-site support in the immediate aftermath or weeks following a crisis, we are here for you.  We have the proven experience with the right people and resources to provide guidance at a time when loss of life and injury, lost trust, and litigation can define your district. 

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