Bryan Krause

Crisis Mental Health Response

Visionary Educator

Bryan Krause is an education visionary who has long understood the relationship between strong school safety programs and high quality education. He holds a master’s degree in educational leadership and has been leading crisis mental health response and recovery efforts for school tragedies for the past 30 years.  

As a principal of a high school that suffered a school shooting, he understands the life changing impact that happens when violence comes to school.  A former teacher, coach, and district administrator, Krause’s passion for K-12 education always shines through. He provides hope to those who have experienced heartbreak, helping students, staff, and leaders through the most difficult of times.  

Krause has responded to five school shootings in his career, provided the crisis mental health leadership following a student suicide by fire on campus, and led the mental health response for elementary students and staff following the kidnapping and homicide of a student.  He has responded to hundreds of small and large crisis events that require mental health support, and each time, he does it with grace and kindness that allows students and educators the best opportunity for recovery.  

Today Krause is a K-12 education strategist for CDW Education.  He works with school districts across the western U.S. in the implementation of strategic technology initiatives bringing 21st century school safety to 21st century learners.    

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