Yahoo News: Colorado student who shot two school administrators had been on probation for a weapons charge

This week, John McDonald was interviewed for a Yahoo News article (which originally appeared on NBC News) about a high school student in Denver, Colo. who shot and injured two school administrators on March 22. He discussed student safety plans, delved into what they entail and how common they are among students in schools.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The safety plan really lays out what the expectations are for the student and it spells out what the student can and can’t do and it tells the student what the school is going to do,” he said.

Safety plans can include things like mandatory pat downs for drugs or other items, supervised bathroom visits or random backpack searches, McDonald said. “It’s up to the school to follow through with that each and every day in order to affect a good climate culture, good safety within the school and protecting all the other kids,” he added.

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